26 Apr A Subtle Pilgrimage

BY THOMAS MCCONKIE   In the end, this trek will lead to the death of a former self, and the forging of a new identity from its crucible. --- Anybody who has grown up in Mormon culture knows what reverence we have for our pioneer ancestors. We sing solemn...

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Feed My Sheep_7-01

02 Apr Feed My Sheep

BY THOMAS MCCONKIE The trouble we get into as a community is when one person insists that the nutrition they derive from one stage of development is adequate to nourish everybody everywhere. It is natural to believe that what feeds us will feed others, but the...

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17 Dec Book Review by Jana Riess

Book Review by Jana Riess Renowned LDS author and religious reporter, Jana Riess, reviews Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis in a rare, 2-part series. Read here: Flunking Sainthood ...

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03 Dec Faith Transitions Podcast

Faith Transitions Episode 008: Thomas McConkie Faith Transitions provides short autobiographical interview accounts of personal faith journeys. Listen to the discussion between co-hosts, Rob Vox and Nancy Ross, with Thomas McConkie. Download here: Podcast...

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19 Nov Soul Searching with Gina Colvin & Thomas McConkie

A Community of Saints in Solidarity Gina Colvin (host of A Thoughtful Faith) and Thomas co-hosted a special event on Sunday November 15th, 2015 in Provo, Utah. A space was held for those who wished to come process any pain, confusion, and grief stemming from the recent media leak of Church...

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07 Nov Leading LDS

Podcast with Kurt Francom at Leading LDS Kurt Francom, a former LDS bishop and founder of LeadingLDS, interviews Thomas about how leadership might more effectively engage the doubt in their congregations, a phenomenon that seems to be on the increase. Download here: Podcast...

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25 Oct A Thoughtful Faith

Podcast with Gina Colvin & Thomas Wirthlin McConkie This is an interview not to be missed. Thomas and Gina discuss the new book, Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis, and take a mutually vulnerable journey together on what it means to live as our “higher self” in these...

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24 Oct Mormon Discussion

Podcast with Bill Reel & Thomas Wirthlin McConkieIn this interview, Bill Reel and Thomas explore various areas of cultural tension in Mormonism where development may play a key role. Download here: podcast...

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04 Oct Book Review by Rachael Givens Johnson

​Book Review by Rachael Givens Johnson A recent review of Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis by Rachael Givens Johnson, a doctoral candidate of history at the University of Virginia. Read here:...

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