03 Dec Faith Transitions Podcast

Faith Transitions Episode 008: Thomas McConkie Faith Transitions provides short autobiographical interview accounts of personal faith journeys. Listen to the discussion between co-hosts, Rob Vox and Nancy Ross, with Thomas McConkie. Download here: Podcast...

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07 Nov Leading LDS

Podcast with Kurt Francom at Leading LDS Kurt Francom, a former LDS bishop and founder of LeadingLDS, interviews Thomas about how leadership might more effectively engage the doubt in their congregations, a phenomenon that seems to be on the increase. Download here: Podcast...

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25 Oct A Thoughtful Faith

Podcast with Gina Colvin & Thomas Wirthlin McConkie This is an interview not to be missed. Thomas and Gina discuss the new book, Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis, and take a mutually vulnerable journey together on what it means to live as our “higher self” in these...

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24 Oct Mormon Discussion

Podcast with Bill Reel & Thomas Wirthlin McConkieIn this interview, Bill Reel and Thomas explore various areas of cultural tension in Mormonism where development may play a key role. Download here: podcast...

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